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As you may know sadly PMMP last year decided to call it quit,we know we didn’t do an update on this website for a really long time but this is not over for the Foreign and Finnish PMMP fans.

We still make update about the members of the band on our Facebook page called PMMP English Page!So if you have a Facebook profile please give a like and follow all the news, pictures, interviews and so on.

We don’t know if in the future we will bring back the website so it is more easier for us to update it from the Facebook,and for those fans who don’t have a Facebook do not worry, the posts there are for everyone to see 🙂

Also some members of PMMP have already their official Facebook so in case you want to follow them here are the links:

-for Paula Vesala you can follow her here => Paula Vesala Official FB

-for her official Instagram profile here=> Paula Vesala Official Instagram

-for the guys of PMMP:Heikki,Juho and Mikko who are now in a very know international band in Europe you can follow this Facebook => My First Band Official Facebook

-sadly Mira had a Facebook profile too but for some reason it got deleted, maybe one day she will open another official FB and we will let you know about it!


And when it comes to us, like we said before here is our page: PMMP English Page !!!

Even thought the band isn’t anymore we still keep you update about the band members and their solo projects 🙂 And we also like to thank you all who show the support for this site!


PMMP-Nosturi 30.4.2013

Like always this year PMMP had their gigs for Vappu Day at Nosturi,the theme of this year was sailor,videos from their gig are already available on YouTube:

Mira Luoti and Paula Vesala-Nosturi 30.4.2013

Mira Luoti interview + PMMP at YleX Pop 2013

Last week Mira Luoti was a guest at the morning show YleX Aamu,Mira confirmed that PMMP will play at YleX Pop 2013 on 1.6.2013 in Tampere!

The last time that PMMP has played at YleX Pop was in 2006,the shows from YleX Pop are usually broadcasted live and also showed on the TV,this one hopefully wont be an exception,we are looking forward to see PMMP again on the stage of YleX Pop,in that day we will keep you update with all the pictures,videos or interviews that will appear with PMMP only on our Facebook page:PMMP English Page!So make sure you wont miss anything!

Here you can watch the video interview with Mira at YleX Aamu:

Mira Luoti at YleX Aamu 2013

Gigs photos:Umpitunneli and Tahdon concert

Click here to see pictures from their gig at Umpitunneli on 29.3.2013.Some gig’s from April had to be canceled because Paula was really sick,some new dates are available for this month.

And on 23.4.2013 at Tavastia there was a big event called Tahdon,were many artist came to play there,besides that PMMP and KKK also play,here are some gallerys where you can see pictures from the both bands:

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Gallery 3

Some videos will follow up later 🙂

    PMMP Tahdon 2013 -tukikonsertti

Kerkko Koskinen Kollektiivi Tahdon 2013 -tukikonsertti

Mira Luoti:The Voice Kids and Kuka Mitä Häh?

In the Summer PMMP will be really busy with the gigs and lots of festivals,after the summer festivals the band has planned a break,but that doesn’t mean we won’t hear anything new from the girls,at least for now Mira will be pretty busy,cause from the Autumn she will be a judge for the show The Voice Kids Suomi together with two more artists and she will have another theatre event for the play Kuka Mitä Häh?

Click here to see photoshoots for the show The Voice Kids Suomi!

   The Voice Kids Suomi can be seen in Autumn on Nelonen

  Kuka Mitä Häh? will be seen on Lahden Sibeliustalon Pääsalissa from 8.10.2013

We will keep you update with this two upcoming events,videos,pictures and interviews that will follow!